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It’s a small gesture, but collecting your pop can tabs makes a big difference. Since 1987, our Pop Tab program, which earns money by recycling the valuable aluminum, has raised nearly $1M for our organization. These funds have helped underwrite the costs for families supported through our programs.

To get started, simply pop off tabs from your cans — pop, soup, pet food, tennis balls — and collect them in a container. It helps to place the container in a central place at home, work or school.

When your container is full, drop off your pop tab collection at the Ronald McDonald House – Oak Street any weekday during office hours (9am-5pm). Or, drop them at your favorite McDonald’s restaurant!

A Pop Tab Container for Groups

We offer small, reusable pop tab collector houses to groups and organizations. Each house holds about 700 tabs and serves as a visible reminder of the Pop Tab Program.

Pop Tabs in the Classroom

Many schools collect pop tabs to give students a first-hand opportunity to learn about giving to help others. To assist teachers, we offer a series of lesson plans designed for students in grades K-2 and 3-5. All lesson plans have been aligned with Minnesota and national curriculum standards.

To ask about our Pop Tab Program, email us or call us at 612.331.5752.

Cool Facts About Pop Tabs

1 pop tab = 1 inch of aluminum
12 pop tabs = 1 foot of aluminum
63,360 pop tabs = 1 mile of aluminum
1,267 pop tabs = 1 pound of aluminum
1 million tabs = 730 pounds
730 pounds of aluminum = $511

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